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A Revolutionary Way To Update React Native Apps

Stallion speeds up React Native app development process by providing a continuous deployment and testing framework.


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"Lightening fast app updates"


Built for productivity

With rapid app updates, teams can move faster. Stallion removes the overhead of creating app builds. Developers can instantly share over the air app updates with the team.

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Perfect for collaboration

A scalable testing framework for your apps. All your releases are managed and documented in a single place.

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Ultimate Dashboard Console

A comprehensive set of features to manage your teams & releases

Feature Buckets

Ideal solution for you

Move faster with your tools in one place

Seamless integration

Seamless integration

Simple and easy integration with your react native or hybrid RN apps.

Error reporting

Error reporting

Our SDK catches all uncaught exceptions of your app when stallion is enabled.



Designed with continuous app development and testing process in mind.

Developer experience

Developer experience

Guaranteed to boost developer productivity when building React Native apps.

Continuous updates

Continuous updates

We continually deploy improvements and new updates to Stallion.

Free support

Free support

Always free and priority technical support for any integration or usage issues.


A powerful SDK to manage, track and test updates

The Stallion SDK seamlessly integrates with your React Native application. With this SDK, you have the flexibility to transition between various versions of your app in development. Stallion also offers personalized buckets to categorize and monitor the releases of your app.

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More Questions ?

Checkout the most Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pricing for stallion?

Stallion is currently free to use. Stallion for production is coming soon with a rich set of features and pricing model for small & large teams.

Is stallion supported for android and ios?

Yes! Stallion's lightweight SDK integrates seamlessly with your React Native app for both the platforms.

How can i disable Stallion for production/release variants?

Disabling Stallion in the release or production variant of the app is straightforward. Kindly refer to the Production Deployment section in the documentation for detailed instructions.

Is Stallion compatible with Flutter apps?

At the moment, our support is exclusively for React Native apps. However, we are actively working on incorporating support for Flutter apps. Stay tuned for updates!

Can i use Stallion for production releases?

We have a roadmap to introduce support for production releases in the near future. Stay tuned for updates!

How can i contribute to Stallion?

The Stallion SDK and Stallion CLI are open source, and you can find the contribution guidelines in the respective GitHub repository.


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